Loi (21) from Mannheim, Germany. Currently sitting at 3,4 Mio monthly listeners on Spotify with a following from Brazil to France, Loi has already achieved many milestones in her young career. Her cover of BLINDING LIGHTS hit a nerve about two years ago, has achieved Gold in Brazil and comfortably sits at 85 Mio streams, whilst her recent single GOLD not only streamed more than 73 Mio times, but was also a Top 5 radio record in GSA, #2 in Poland and currently #9 in France. Her social following is not only incredibly loyal, but also growing with every moment she showcases her unique voice. Her latest cover of Eminems Mockingbird was another viral moment for Loi with 8 Mio views on her reel and 50.000 new followers within days. Something one could think Loi got used to, given the many viral moments she had so far. For example when someone commented on her TikTok, that she has a voice that could literally sing a pancake recipe and it would go viral...which it sure did, once Loi uploaded it for fun.

With close to 900.000 followers across her socials, Loi’s GSA fanbase recently had the chance to see her live on her first ever solo tour. An experience which was later described by one of the attending journalists from flyctory as follows ""Her warm and powerful voice felt to reach every corner of the sold-out venue from the very beginning. When she presented her two biggest songs so far, Gold and her version of Blinding Lights there was rarely a single person at Club Volta who had not been touched by the vibes of her songs.“

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